Practice Areas

Rebecca W. Zarzecki


In these challenging times, personal and professional peace is of utmost importance.  This firm concentrates on resolving your legal matters quickly and decisively, so you can attend to the imporant things in life - living.

I rest my reputation on effective and aggressive representation for you and your loved ones. My history of successful results spans many years, focused on civil law, effective trial work and reasonable settlement results. 

Kelly Klasiner

Executive Assistant

It is our mandate to represent families and their unique requirements.  Whether it be your divorce, eviction action, estate plan or litigation case, we are dedicated to resolving cases to best serve your interests.  I will work with you to make that mandate a reality.

  • Trials - Civil Litigation

  • Divorce, Parentage, Custody

  • Child Support

  • Orders of Protection and Harassment

  • Eviction - Landlord/Tenant Disputes


  • Probate, Estate Planning - Wills and Trust


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